Infusionsoft Propel Supplies Mobile Marketing Experience

Infusionsoft Propel Supplies Mobile Marketing Experience

Infusionsoft used the kickoff of day one of  #ICON17 to announce Infusionsoft Propel, the latest mobile based solution from the company.

“You need to be connected and present with your customers in the ways they want to be connected,” said COO Terry Hicks in an announcement streamed on the company’s Facebook page.

Propel is designed to allow businesses without much marketing expertise to enjoy steady growth not otherwise possible. The tool is simple and guides users through a process allowing them to choose and then personalize various marketing campaigns already designed by some of the best experts in the industry. It streamlines the process allowing small businesses to increase sales in days rather than weeks or months.

Propel is designed to tackle two of the common obstacles small business owners routinely face: connecting with prospects and then following up with them. This app solution has been designed to solve these common issues by running a referral or follow up campaign in only a few minutes. Hick says results for small businesses can be seen in as little as one to two days after starting one of these campaigns.

Infusionsoft Propel has several key features that include the ability to consolidate customer information into a single view which helps when running advertising campaigns geared towards specific markets.

The questions and answers feature allows for an integrated experience that helps customers run campaigns much quicker. A host of templated proven campaigns that allow users to choose from proven marketing methods when they have no experience in the field is another benefit. Infusionsoft Propel also has automated follow-up capabilities and an automatic personalized branding feature that takes logo and other branding information from a client’s website for use with the mobile app.

Image: Infusionsoft/Twitter

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