Crowdsource Your Logo

Should You Crowdsource Your Logo Design?

Thinking of creating your company's logo but a little overwhelmed by the thought of it not being good enough? This may be a job for crowdsourcing. Lots of designers are ready now to craft your company's logo and keep you on budget in the process.

art investment

You Can Now Invest in Art for a Fraction of the Cost

You've probably never heard of crowdfunding like this before. Imagine you could invest in valuable art work with others for a fraction of what it might cost to buy it yourself. Your purchases could then be stored as their value increased with the possibility of selling it in the future.

ftc is watching crowdfunders

Crowdfunders, the FTC is Watching You

If you're skeptical of crowdfunding sites or projects that are crowdfunded, you're not alone. When projects go bust and supporters are left without a refund on their cash, skepticism only grows. That's what happened to those who supported a proposed board game.


This Indiegogo Campaign Wants to Solve Your Sleep Apnea Problems

The sleep deprived who use a CPAP machine at night to help them breathe and get a decent night's sleep may be relieved to see a new device reach the market. The Airing micro cordless CPAP machine is gaining some traction in an Indiegogo campaign now. It doesn't require cumbersome wires and fits right inside the nostrils.

Meld Knob

Get Cooking Accurately With the Meld Knob + Clip

How many times has this happened to you? A phone call distracts your cooking efforts and your hard work is spoiled. Say goodbye to burned food with a device developers say guarantees the perfect cooking temperature accurate to within less than a degree. Learn more about this interesting technology here.

imbue tea

Imbue Tea Infuser Brews Using Magnets

This magnetic loose-leaf tea brewer from Imbue takes the mess out of putting the kettle on. The startup's Kickstarter campaign is in full swing and you can be at the ground level for less than $30!